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Getting to LSD

LSD is located at the Facultad de Informatica (Computer Science School) of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.

Find here a map on how to get to the Facultad de Informatica with the location of the different buildings (bloques).

The lab direction (prof. Ricardo Jimenez-Peris and prof. Marta PatiƱo-Martinez) is located at office 2313

block 2 (bloque 2), third floor, office 2313.

The most recommended way to come to the lab is either by taxi or by metro (stop Monteprincipe of metro ligero network at lower left in the map).

The metro map can be found at: metro map

If you come by taxi, please bring a printed copy of the location map of the school to assist the taxi driver in how to come.

You can find the location of the school in Google maps (use the hybrid mode to better see the location of the school).

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